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This will initially be a DJ business with the intention of being able to move into all forms of creating and producing a entertainment event. Logo should have a strong emphasis on music/DJ since it will be the core part of the business. However, do not want it to be solely a DJ logo since the goal is to expand into event planning and coordination.
We are looking for the designer to have full creative reign. However,
would like to keep the logo modern and professional. Would like to have
some form of music designed into the logo since the business started in
concert promotions and will lean heavily toward DJ services in the future.
However, the logo should not be overtly musical. Still like the emblem
logo style. Ideas have been on using some form of sound bars or EQ
lights. We are not interested in any floral colors. OK with earth tones,
but definitely want colors that suggest elegance, strength, and


Wednesday, October 26,2016


selected by the customer to be used in the design:

  • #8ebdde
  • #7de8ca

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