Privacy Rules for Clients and Designers

SP Design House takes care of all the information submitted by clients and designer-members.All information is held in confidence, and will never be shared, or sold.

SP Design House only gets information if the client wants to buy designs and starts a project brief. It will also collect information from designer-members to show clients the designers' skills and abilities to provide the best design that matches the clients' needs.

The website also uses cookies to make web user visits more convenient.

All information submitted from clients and designer-members will only be used to process and complete transactions, answering questions, notification in case of, promotions, research and improving web experience.

Emails and messages are not monitored, but SP Design House may do so for troubleshooting, or upon suspicion of any illegal/ criminal activity.

SP Design House website users can be allowed to recover information about their own account for updating and correcting purposes.

For some cases, SP Design House may ask the requester a reasonable amount for getting the information. Allow for a reasonable amount of time for the information to be given. For cases when SP Design House will not give the information, it will provide reasons why.

A third party may be allowed by SP Design House to ask information from you, but only when the said third party can conduct business or research on behalf of SP Design.

SP Design House will never release any information about clients or designers. It will only do so:
- if a client asks SP Design House to contact designers for design commissions
- for service providers that process your transactions with SP Design House, including payment collection providers
- for repair or maintenance of communication systems

SP Design House will also consider sharing information in cases where threat to safety and life are at stake, as well as when required by law enforcement agencies.